It gives us great pleasure to introduce our company which made its humble beginning with a vision of serving the society with quality. There is nothing precious than life not even these so called precious stones and this is where we came from with a single minded objective of protecting and nurturing life. Everything else is secondary.We dedicate ourselves in serving and supplying of surgical equipment to the surgeons designed by the surgeons.We are committed for quality products.

We strongly believe we can grow together with all those associated with us. We with our principal company are in the business for more than 2 decades. We specialize in the field of surgical instruments, disposable drapes, endotrucheal, suction catheter & pharmaceutical formulations. Our mission is to provide quality products without rising burden of  exorbitant price. Years of experience, series of experiments & continues research have helped us to attain high quality products. We have a strong marketing network and with our products infrastructure we can fulfill the needs of following healthcare products.

We are in the process of strengthening our network & through this network we are ready to take up big challenges in the field. Our network is mainly geared towards manufacturing/marketing of pharmaceutical formulations, surgical instruments, disposable, endotrucheal, suction catheter & other surgical & hospital equipments. Our basket includes products manufactured by us or our trusted channels and associates.


Business sans management is an utter chaos. Realizing this from the very beginning we have our operations firmly governed by the professional management principles with enough room for flexibility as well as a reason, our team comprises of the best in management from their respective fields skilled craftsmanship technological awareness, innovative ideas and measurable quality.


We have consistently tried to use state-of-the-art technologies to provide high quality products. As a result we have been able to extend our reach in national as well as international markets. Moreover being conveniently located within the proximity of indian ports we have been able to provide hassle-free service to our clients.


We are more than happy to put in every inch of effort when it comes to life. We believe in up-to-date service to our customers, as when it comes to life no compromises are excused.

In this age of speed we assure our services to be prompt and up to the mark. We provide repairing, servicing and maintenance of the surgical instruments. The instruments should be cleaned and sterilized in proper manner so as to get optimum results. Maintenance of the surgical instruments in a proper manner increases its life. One should be careful about its cleaning, particularly the joints. Make it a point to lubricate the instruments. All movable parts should be carefully cleaned as well as lubricated prior to use, so as to get best results. This will avoid sticking of joints. Our skilled personnel is always at your service when ever needed to demonstrate the cleaning and maintenance of the instruments. A proper care of the instrument is like a asset to the surgeon.